Based on the programme, a non – Cypriot citizen who meets the criteria and have made the necessary investments may apply for the acquisition of Cyprus citizenship with an exception Naturalization.

About us

MA Employment & Immigration Services is a Consulting Agency founded in 2002 and licensed to operate in Cyprus and Austria.

We offer high-net-worth individuals the acquisition of residence or citizenship by investment overseeing the completion of the process until the very end.

Customized solutions provided in order to enable our clients to overcome visa restrictions. 

Additionally, a social safety net in Europe and an optimized tax residence advice are offered by our consultants.

We specialize on immigration programs established by the Cyprus government and other EU member states.

Primary concerns of our service strategy

We set the goals
We set out the major tasks and objectives of our clients and based on that we choose and recommend the right program so that the client acquires either second citizenship or resident status in Cyprus or any other EU member state.
We provide solutions
According to the requirements of government investment programs, a professional framework of services in addressing the clients’ needs is provided within a set time frame.
We supervise the process
A professional assistance throughout the process and, from beginning to end, consultation about clients’ residence status and return on investment fully provided by our experts.

Why choose us?
Official representative
We officially represent the Cyprus Investment Program - No intermediaries, dishonest freelancers or additional hidden costs.

Personal approach at all stages
Our clients are provided with fully qualified advisory support and guidance from beginning to the end of the process, and if so until they obtain their passports.

Responsibility and confidentiality
We are fully responsible for the accuracy of submitting the documents and we guarantee confidentiality of your personal data and sources of investment.
Our team members are fully committed to work under the non-disclosure statement.

Service and support
Our rendered services also include translations, certifications, apostille requirements, and the completion of all relevant forms. We additionally provide professional advice on each and every aspect of your application as well as writing reference letters where necessary.

Investor’s Eligibility to Cypriot Citizenship

The main applicant must be of at least 18 years of age. Applicant’s spouse, minors as well as financially dependent adult children up to the age of 28 who are attending a higher education institution to obtain diploma, undergraduate or a master’s degree.

The investor must provide a clean criminal record.

The purchase of a private residential property in Cyprus of a minimum value of €500.000 (+VAT) is required. The private residential property must never be disposed in any case in the future although it may be substituted with another property of an equal or higher value.

Investment Criteria

In addition to the purchase of a private residence at a minimum price of €500.000 (+VAT), the applicant must invest €2 million as follows:
  •      Real estate, land development and infrastructure projects
  •         Financial Assets of Cypriot companies and/ or Cypriot organisations
  •         Alternative investment funds of financial assets of Cypriot companies and/ or Cypriot organisations licensed by CySec
  •      Combination of the aforesaid investments

Special Note: Total investment amount €2 million – It applies only in the case that the applicant has invested in housing unit/ units within the criterion “real estate, land development and infrastructure”. In such a case, the purchase of another private residence is not required provided that at least one of those units is worth at least €500.000 (+vat).

Residential Investment Packages

A variety of residential investment packages are provided by our construction and property development associates which secure best residential locations and investment returns for 3 years payable in advance.